Pascal Bruandet

Hors champs


​ Eyes scrutinize what is invisible to us and that we have to invent.

To look, with interest, pleasure, lust, dread, or even contempt, is to give meaning to what is exterior to us, known, familiar or foreign. This relationship to otherness is what keeps us


During the confinement I was able to stick where I wanted, the streets were empty and social interactions rare. Only the homeless held the pavement, and it was with them that my images sometimes dialogued.

It is to pay him a modest homage that a celestial tramp poses in the middle of this exhibition. He that our attentions generally keep off-screen. ​


Pascal Bruandet


   •  Philosophy

   •  Fine Arts Paris DNSEP


    •  “Portraits” Zigzag Gallery, Vauréal,

        March 2022

    •  “Hors-champs” Galerie Roy Sfeir, Paris,

        March 2022

    • “Salade marseillaise” Romain Rolland Mouy         Oise College, February-March 2022

     • “Régalade 2” Galerie des ADM, Paris,                     October 2021

     • “Régalade” Galerie des ADM, Paris,                        October 2020

     • “Monument de papier” Montmartre to                   artists, Paris, May 2019

     • “KRAFT” The associative gallery, Bauvais,            September 2014

     • “Du bout des doigts” Espace Matisse, Creil,           May 2007

      • “Corps et Ames” Gallery of the Pierre                    Mendès France school complex, Péronne,          October 2003

      • “Le coeur à vif” Galerie de l’Atelier 2,                      Villeneuve d’Ascq, May 2001


     • “stemma 3”, Boulogne, October 2019

     • “Vertigo” Montmartre to the artists, Paris,             June 2019

     • "La pensée (des) complex(es)", Espace                   Matisse, Creil, February 2018

     • “Rions de tout”, Clermont de l'Oise,                         March 2016

     • “MUD”, Beauvais, October 2014/2015

     • “Campement artistique et éphémère”,                  Nogent, October 2011

     • “Ici c'était dehors”, Creil, October 2010


    Founder of the MIIM group in 2004 and the        group “Le corps et graphie” in 2006

    “Le corps et graphie”, Nuits Blanches, Paris,         October 2007